In my second publication, you are a wizard that can create summon circles. It is very basic and easy, just left click in the blue floor tiles, then select which faerie it will summon. Every 20 seconds you are able to place another circle. Kill Rhite before Rhite kills you. You will automatically cast magic missles on any faeries that get too close and want to harm you.

Credits to Kenney for the art pack.

Credits to BeepBox that I used to make the music.

Credits to raylib technologies for rFXgen that I used to generate sound effects.


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Fair enough. I wasn't really clear which faerie beat which faerie. Maybe that could be more evident in their designs? Like, water beats fire, electricity beats water, fire beats electricity?


I was just sticking with the sprite pack I was using for simple testing and functionality, I plan to remake the whole game with better design and more in depth. I went with water beats fire (obviously), fire beats plant(obviously again), and plant beats water (plants absorb water). I will definitely make it more apparent about which faerie is which. Thank you for playing and for the feedback :D


Rock paper scissors but with monsters O_O

yup, and updated with sounds too ;D